The Marine Protected Area of ​​Tavolara protects fifteen thousand hectares of sea and about 40 Km of coastal territory, considered among the most beautiful in Sardinia.
The coast, characterized by the ancient forms of paleozoic granites, is rich in suggestive coves, in which the Mediterranean scrub, with imposing specimens of juniper, strawberry tree, supply chain, reaches the sea. But it is the island system, which constitutes the heart of the biodiversity of this area, that gives a particular charm to the landscape: the contrast between the limestone mass of Tavolara, the Drago island that rises from the sea, with its harsh and vertical forms and the smaller islands, Molara, Molarotto, Piana and Cavalli island, rounded and granite.
The submerged environments are characterized by vast expanses of prairie in Posidonia oceanica, marine phanerogam that originates the most productive ecosystems in the Mediterranean, and various forms of Mediterranean coralligenous, which develops at different depths, building scenarios of great beauty, much sought after by tourism underwater.

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